Plague of Locusts Coming Soon!

Coming soon, the first entry in the new science fiction series Vast Array: Plague of Locusts!

In the late twenty-second century, Father Gendrick Hellerton begins his new role as priest of the Toojay settlement – an earthlike planet soon to be the next of many New Earths to come with the discovery of the Holes. Circling Toojay, a swarm of Locusts follows the sunset with an insatiable appetite for anything unwary enough to be outside after dark. Gendrick’s predecessor, Mother Doneele, is soon going home, taking with her a dark secret and darker mind. Her final month on Toojay may prove more dangerous than anything from the skies above. Peyton Kay is living her dream, having discovered not only the newest Hole leading to the newest Eden for humanity, but something far more wondrous: a derelict alien ship hovering on the other side. However, she and the crew of the Washington soon learn that this vessel is far from lifeless.

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