Wicked Creatures Now Available from the New England Horror Writers

Just in time for Halloween, the New England Horror Writers are proud to present their newest anthology of stories & poetry by some of the best New England authors: Wicked Creatures! Now available, Just Click Here! (if you can't find it at your favorite store it'll be there very soon!)

Check out the amazing cover from Ogmios.

Edited by Scott Goudsward, David Price and Daniel G. Keohane.

Kaijus and Mothmen and Ghosts, Oh my!

What is it you think you see from the corner of your eye? A shadow? The ghost of a distant relative? Was that movement the wind in the trees or something impossible flying overhead? Forget night lights and looking under your bed. If you want monsters and nightmares, you found them. The New England Horror Writers is proud to present their 8th anthology - the 7th in the Wicked series, Wicked Creatures; featuring four poems and 20 stories from some of the finest authors of the NEHW. Need Vampires? Kaiju? Mothmen? Wendigos? Shapeshifters? We got ‘em here!

Featuring work by K. H. Vaughan, James A. Moore, Kristi Petersen Schoonover, Cindy O’Quinn, David Bernard, Rob Smales, Victoria Dalpe, Katherine Silva, Errick Nunnally, Richard Alan Scott, Morgan Sylvia, Trisha J. Wooldridge, J. Edwin Buja, D.E. Ladd, Daniel R. Robichaud, Peter N. Dudar, Patricia Gomes, John C. Foster, Howard Odentz, John Grover, Paul McMahon, Timothy P. Flynn, F. R. Michaels, and Nick A. Zaino III. With Cover art by Ogmios.

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