Notebook and Pen

About Me

Daniel G. Keohane is the Stoker-nominated author of Margaret’s Ark, Solomon’s Grave and Plague of Darkness and a bunch more coming soon. Under the pseudonym G. Daniel Gunn, the horror novels Destroyer of Worlds, Nightmare in Greasepaint (with L.L. Soares) and the story collection Christmas Trees & Monkeys.

His short fiction has appeared in such venues as On Spec, Cemetery Dance Magazine, Apex Digest, Borderlands 6, Fantastic Stories of the Imagination, and dozens more. A founding member of the New England Horror Writers, he co-edits their "Wicked" series of anthologies, and is an occasional film reviewer. Dan is an active member of the SFWA.

When he's not writing stuff, Dan is a part-time comedian, speaker, film reviewer, artist and overall bohemian. And he and his wife have a ton of pets and kids and stuff, some older than you.