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Work In Progress

Morningstar (Vast Array #2): First draft 100,000 words. A direct sequel to Plague of Locusts. Getting close to finishing the first draft. It keeps fighting back, wanting to be what it wants to be. Letting things go along more organically now.

Solid Ground: began as new sci-fi novella but after 27,100 words this seemed to be shaping to be a Vast Array novel. On hold while I work on Morningstar and begin building groundwork which will lead to some major events events in here.

Plague of Locusts (Vast Array #1): Complete, though I need to add a couple more changes coming out of editorial process before releasing. I will be publishing this book independently. It's had some good reviews even from major editors, and honestly, rereading, it's really good. Not to mention there are two sequels in the works (see above).

The Psalms Project, Volume 1: 79,000 words. Complete! Has shaped into something unique and I think wonderful. No one else might think so, but I enjoyed it thoroughly and plan to continue. For now it's out looking for agents. And I might need to rename the series now because there's a musical project (putting Psalms to music) under the same name all of a sudden. Too bad, I liked the name.

Also writing standalone short stories (“The Bridge” just published in On Spec Magazine!), marketing, and an occasional standup comedy routine, devotional and film review as well.