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Work In Progress

Ghostwriting, Novel: 8000 words.  Yep, I've accepted a part time gig as a ghostwriter. Working on my first book now. Can't give a whole lot of details on it for obvious reasons, at least I don't think so, but will fill in more as time goes on. It's been a good learning experience.

The Psalms Experiment, Volume 1: 82,000 words. Complete! Has shaped into something unique and I think wonderful. Though it's out looking for agents/markets, I also am tired of wasting years of my life (and this book's) cow-towing to the soul-sucking system of marketing to faceless publishers. So, I am also preparing to release it independently. MyHad to rename the series because there's a musical project (putting Psalms to music) under the old name all of a sudden. 

The Psalms Experiment, Volume 2: First draft, 2500 words, feel like it's time to jump into the next dozen or so Psalms. 

Morningstar (Vast Array #2): First draft 100,000 words - is getting a complete overhaul. A direct sequel to Plague of Locusts. It keeps fighting back, wanting to be different from what I was trying to force it to be. Now deleting whole chapters and revising, letting things go along more organically now.

Solid Ground: began as new sci-fi novella but after 27,100 words this seemed to be shaping to be a Vast Array novel. On hold while I work on Morningstar and begin building groundwork which will lead to some major events events in here.

Also writing standalone short stories (“The Bridge” just published in On Spec Magazine!), marketing, and an occasional standup comedy routine, devotional and film review as well.