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Work In Progress

The Psalms Experiment, Volume 2: First draft, 2500 words, feel like it's time to jump into the next dozen or so Psalms. 

Morningstar (Vast Array #2): First draft 100,000 words - is getting a complete overhaul. A direct sequel to Plague of Locusts. It keeps fighting back, wanting to be different from what I was trying to force it to be. Now deleting whole chapters and revising, letting things go along more organically now.

Solid Ground: began as new sci-fi novella but after 27,100 words this seemed to be shaping to be a Vast Array novel. On hold while I work on Morningstar and begin building groundwork which will lead to some major events events in here.

The Psalms Experiment, Volume 1: 82,000 words. Complete! Has shaped into something unique and I think wonderful. No one else might think so, but I enjoyed it thoroughly and plan to continue. For now, it's out looking for agents/markets, but I am also preparing to release it myself because I will not waste the next few years of my life (and this book's) cow-towing to the soul-sucking system of marketing to faceless publishers. Had to rename the series now because there's a musical project (putting Psalms to music) under the old name all of a sudden. 

Also writing standalone short stories (“The Bridge” just published in On Spec Magazine!), marketing, and an occasional standup comedy routine, devotional and film review as well.